Vestido was founded in 2012 by Ambrita Gaonkar-one of the famous fashion designers of goa, Ambrita mastered her skills in Goa. With over a decade’s worth of experience Vestido has offered the best craftsmanship and highest quality work to our customers; always at an affordable price and on time. We make no exceptions when it comes to the quality delivered, every piece receives the same amount of detail to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. We are humbled to be the #1 choice for custom designs, and because of it, we have built hundreds of loyal customers over the years.

Ambrita isn’t your usual tailor. For one, she’s a woman. One of the best in Goa, and still something of a rarity. Driven by a desire to make the world of women’s tailoring more personal and less intimidating, Ambrita began her tailoring career in womenswear but quickly discovered that she had a hidden talent for Bridal wear in particular making her one of the famous fashion designers of goa .

A modern approach

“I believe that everyone deserves to look and feel their best. From our bespoke tailoring service for designs in bridal wear, Bridal gowns, costumes, 21st birthday parties regular dresses to nightgowns. I’ve placed this principle at the heart of everything we do at Vestido.

Central to my approach is creating a warm, welcoming space where you can feel entirely at ease. I believe in offering an accessible Vestido experience: a relaxed environment where modern design, timeless style,  and the highest levels of craftsmanship and service are all within easy reach and affordable price.”


For over 9 years we have been providing our clients, the bridal family with wedding tailoring, bespoke wedding wear, gowns, bridesmaids dresses and flower girl dresses.  As one of Goa’s leading wedding alteration companies, we pride ourselves on the highest quality of tailoring and bridal gown alterations.

  As One Of the famous fashion designers of goa,

Ambrita has established herself well for bespoke designs and in delivering designs her well matched to her customers expectations.

  We deliver even during the lockdown.

For the las 2 years she has made it possible for clients to still feel their best-even during the lockdown crisis-by making deliveries possible.